Pan with no plan

All of a sudden

September 28th, 2015, 4:12 pm
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balloonless September 28th, 2015, 4:12 pm
I think I should mention that I ended up having to pass them three more times?
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LifeApathy October 25th, 2015, 2:26 am
Used to do the same thing when I had to deal randomly with people that were attractive.

Gave it up for looking stern which fixed the situation by somehow making it worse. Now I just smile when I'm uncomfortable. Which is a lot.
balloonless October 25th, 2015, 7:10 am
@LifeApathy: Omg I'm not that alone about it then! How long did it take you before you managed to smile? I can't think properly in those situations.
LifeApathy October 25th, 2015, 3:08 pm
@balloonless: Sadly it took hitting rock bottom and some pretty large doses of medication. I don't take that medication anymore though.

In the end it was really that things changed from me being as visibly upset, and switched to me thinking things were funny somehow. After hitting as low as I got, sometimes life just seemed silly at times. In a more positive way.